OG Cam - why no more double-tap to zoom/unzoom?

The new integrated-into-the-space-below-the-video event viewer interface is an improvement in some ways, but a step backward in other ways.

For instance. For all other cams, when viewing cloud or SD card events, I can double-tap to quickly zoom in (versus pinch-and-zoom).

The OG cam forces me to pinch-and-zoom, which I find extremely irritating. I double-tap (nothing happens), do it again (nothing again), then I remember…"oh yeah, this is the OG cam…bummer…ok, fine…pinch-and-zoom…aarrgh!). Worse yet, this same functionality (or lack thereof) affects the OG cam’s live view as well.

And don’t get me started on the fact that I can’t swipe left or right to get to the next or previous clip! Now I have to aim for a tiny arrow button on the screen!

And I can’t even do that until I tap the screen first to make it visible! And THEN the left/right arrows and a bunch of other controls pretty much obscure the video!

Holy cow, who thought this was a good idea?

Just let me swipe left or right and have the option double-tap OR pinch-and-zoom (like on all the previous cams) for crying out loud!


the overlay left/right button works ok to change between sequential video clips. but the lack of pinch/zoom to more see/navigate across the timeline is a major UI change fail.