Doorbell reaching out to Facebook?

I’m using a Synology router, and have my IoT devices in filtered groups that I use to whitelist valid domains as devices request them. I noticed that a newly installed Wyze Doorbell seems to have attempted to reach out to “”. Is this expected behavior?

Is this a DNS lookup? Could just be an “internet is available” check

That is the actual URL requested by the device according to the router app that is monitoring it. I have only seen that happen once which is perplexing. I can’t imagine Wyze would use Facebook to verify connectivity.

It now seems the doorbell is reaching out to

I’ve reached out to Wyze Security, but have yet to hear back.

It looks like and may be valid. Seems to be a programming API of some sort (sorry, I’m no programmer). The doorbell refused to work until I allowed traffic to those addresses.


Thank You for the explanation!

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No problem… glad to be of help. :+1:

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