Doorbell pop up video

This is what everyone who ownes one of these doorbell cameras has been asking for since day 1. Honestly, when I pre-ordered my doorbell, I had an expectation of this built-in functionality since nearly every doorbell camera has that feature – but not this one.

I too have been able to get it to pop on my device from Tasker, its kludgy, but it works…
and it is the best i have at the moment

These seem to be no more than the options available in the Rules of the Wyze app itself.

like title says I would like the Wyze app Doorbell livestream to open in the foreground on my phone as soon as the button is pressed. The notification can get lost and takes time to find it and press it. would save a ton of time if as soon as the doorbell button is pressed I’m looking at the livestream.

Amen, But #Wyze is simply NOT listening to all of us, apparently

Would love to see the doorbell press trigger a timely push notification, from which I can tap and go straight to the live doorbell view. Had this on another video doorbell product. Better experience than having to launch the app and find the appropriate product.

Also maybe have the motion events notification take me straight to the reply of that event.

If this is already there - apologies - tell me how to enable it.

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Wyze Video Doorbell needs a Pop Up Notification

I went from the Ring app to the Wyze Doorbell expecting the same features. but not getting them. The camera is SO MUCH better, however the Ring app has 2 very important features the Wyze Doorbell does not. I am creating two separate wish list items for this.

  1. The Doorbell needs a full or half screen pop up when the doorbell is rung so that we can have immediate access to the Doorbell instead of having to search for it. I have an Android.

While waiting for an official solution I found a workaround. Installed the app MotoAnswer and whitelisted the Wyze number. Now, the call is auto answered and I immediately see the doorbell stream

This is a must!.. I wish that with the press of the doorbell pro button, a video call pops up in my prefrered mobile device (iPhone) like a WhatsApp call where you have immediate glance of your door and two-way audio access.

Sometimes I am far from the chime and I don’t hear it… and the phones notification is too poor (just a ding), so people outside my door actually call me from their phones… this completely eliminates the doorbell`s purpose.

Of course this feature should be optional because I don’t want it to be in all of my devices that have the Wyze App installed.


I agree, +1 vote for me for the popup video live feed on doorbell press, give users the option to enable\disable rather than use VOIP.

I have the VOIP on in my VDBv1 so that I get a phone call from the doorbell when pressed, but by the time it rings my phone and connects the video, the doorbell ringer has lost interest and walked away. Way too much time.

I’m not a programmer but we know it can be done because they did it on the Ring app. I really don’t want to go back to them but if the wise app doesn’t step up I may have to. The pop-up and the distinctive ringtone is vital.

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I don’t understand how this isn’t a thing yet! I want this feature more than anything else. I have used a different video doorbell in the past and, when the doorbell was pressed, it would pop up on my phone as an instant notification that I could tap on and it would bring me to the live fee in an instant or it would pop up on my Google Assistant display(s) instantly. When I purchased the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, I made the mistake of assuming that this doorbell would have the same feature. I was very disappointed that not only is neither of these quick features a thing, I actually have to tap on the icon and then tap the “play” button on the video feed for it to connect, and even the connection takes way too long. By the time I get to the live feed after someone has rang the doorbell, they are usually walking away or at least about to. This makes the 2-way audio feature almost pointless when I’m not at home (which is the whole reason I bought this in the first place).


Agreed. The Wyze video itself is superior but it functions more like a camera than a doorbell. It’s pretty useless as a functioning bell app. Who did you use before and why did you switch?

I have used RING (got rid of it because you need a paid subscription to obtain even minimal functionality). Then I switched to WYZE - got rid of it because it simply does not work as a doorbell notification system. Now, I’m using Eufy - better, but still not what I expect. What I expect is an immediate video / audio display of my doorbell camera on whatever device I choose (in my case, it’s an Echo Show and/or my Cell phone). Anything less than that is the kiss of death for a doorbell video camera. I must say that, of these three, Eufy comes closest to delivering. But the delay is still too long and there are way, way too many false positives on “person detection”

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You can turn on VoIP for the Wyze Doorbell notifications. When someone presses it, it will ring your phone similar to a phone call. You can then answer the call and live stream the doorbell as well, I use this all the time. Would this help you out?

You can turn this on as follows:

  • Start the app
  • Go to Account
  • Go to Notifications
  • Go to Push Notifications
  • Select Voice Over IPAnd toggle on the items. I toggled both options/

Try this and see if it works for you.

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I tried it. Didn’t work for me. It’s Prime Days. I’m going back to Ring until Wyze gets it together.

Can you provide more information. Would be nice to know what went wrong or what you experienced.

It has worked flawlessly for me on both the VDB v1 and VDB Pro.

I had Eufy as well and switched to the Wyze Video Doorbell pro after using the Video Doorbell V1. The Pro is recognized on my Show Device, but will test it again.

I use a custom routine to show the Front Door when pressed and then a minute later or longer another routine to turn it off.

However, based on what you provided, I will need to verify it is still working as I don’t get many people ringing my doorbell.



Just tested again asindicated. It worked as expected. it announced that someone was at the front door and can also display the video as well. It was also quick for me.

Sure. I went to the app, then account, then notifications. Clicked on push notifications and turned on Voip. Then I went outside and pushed the doorbell and nothing happened.

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How long ago was that? I just tested and it rings my phone, my Alexa Devices Announced and my Show displayed the Front Doorbell as requested.

They have improved the doorbell overtime. This worked with the original v1, but the image / Video on the show was sideways. The Video Doorbell Pro works as expected.

Do you happen to know the following:

  • Wyze App Version you were or are using
  • Which Doorbell - V1 or Pro
  • The Firmware of the Doorbell being useds