Doorbell didn't update for DST

My shiny new doorbell didn’t update for DST. All of my cameras updated with no issue, but the doorbell is still an hour behind. I went into settings and tried to sync time and got the message “Update Successful”, but the time is still off. The doorbell firmware and app have both been updated to the latest versions. I also tried completely shutting the app down and rebooting and restarting the doorbell with no joy. I’m running the app on an iPad and iPhone running IOS 14.4.

Edit: Someone rang the doorbell and the time on the notification and the recorded video file are correct. It’s only the time on the video itself that is incorrect.

Same here but manual syncing works for me

Same for me. Three V3 cameras updated fine, the two doorbells are lagging an hour behind and sync says successful but the time doesn’t change. Jury is still out on whether my thermostat updated. Some are saying no and other say it’s ok. I will check tonight when it’s set to fall back to a cooler temperature schedule.

My doorbell is lagging behind an hour, manual time sync while said Update Successful, still behind. My Pan Cam required manual sync and worked. The v3s and v2s updated fine.

Don’t know if someone at Wyze flipped a switch or what, but sometime in the last hour (11:00 PM Sunday evening) my live doorbell video updated to the correct DST time. Go figure.

when I first tried to sync the doorbell to the correct time the sync “worked” but the time didn’t actually update.

on my second attempt I hit sync, went into live view and watched it for about 15-20 seconds and it updated at that point almost as if it had to push the sync to the correct time. I don’t know if I just caught it happening or if watching live kept the connection and data flow going for some reason.

Agreed. Just now check my doorbells and they are correct now as well.