Doorbell camera version

I was just curious if the doorbell camera has the featurs/functionality of the new wyze cam v3? Mostly curious about the low light feature.

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I don’t have any experience with the doorbell. I’ll see if any @Mavens or @Mods know.
Edit: see @Bam’s response!


those specs have not been released yet. and sadly I think they would be hidden from the general public because of the NDA the testers sign. but im sure they will come out soon.

Edit:. I was incorrect on this, the specs are now listed along with all the other doorbell information on its page in the website shopping area.

it dosen’t look like it will have the same low light capabilities the V3 does. I’m sure they would’ve made a point of using that in the ads if it did.


I’m pretty sure it does not have any low light feature
It’s 3:4 Aspect Ratio & 1080p Full HD Video , IR lights for night vision




Porch lantern with a full tank of fuel

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