Does Wyze Solar Panel work with Wyze Doorbell Pro?

Does Wyze Solar Panel work with Wyze Doorbell Pro since it’s just providing a charge to top up the battery? This would save me from having to remove it every however often to charge it up. Thanks.

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Try it …i would say it should also you should get at least 90 + days on battery im getting 5 months

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The intended use of the Wyze Solar Panel is in support of the Wyze Cam Outdoor. The connector plug of the Wyze Solar Panel is fashioned so that it creates a water resistant seal when connected to the Wyze Cam Outdoor.

If you were to change the connector to use it on the Video Doorbell Pro you would have to flip up the silicon shield that is covering the micro-USB charging port to connect the solar panel thus exposing the device to elements that could potentially damage the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro.

That’s not to say there aren’t some creative approaches that could allow the 2 devices to work together, but those approaches would be at your own risk and would most likely void any warranty or support of both devices.

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This would be wonderful if it did. I need a solution to keep the batteries topped off (or at least more slowly discharging) when I can’t get there to charge as this is to monitor a remote piece of property.

@Wyze, how do we make a request for an adapter to support solar charging on the wireless doorbell? I haven’t yet purchased mine and am considering your competitors who offer this (solar charging capability) but I’d prefer to only maintain one system and I already have over 15 Wyze cameras and a great number of accessories!

A request for this exists in the Wishlist today, give it a vote!



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Voted as well

It is particularly frustrating that even now in 2024, the newest battery operated doorbell still requires you remove the entire device to charge. Why can’t i at the very least remove the battery so i could put a fully charged battery in and move along?