Solar charger for Doorbell Pro

I am really tempted to go with the Wyze video doorbell pro , but my house has no doorbell wiring so I will be using the wireless option for the time being.

But I’m not the biggest fan of the battery option doorbells , because of the fast draining batteries. I would love to see wyze make a solar charger for the Doorbell Pro like what Ring offers.

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I second this suggestion!


Yes please


I am switching from ring doorbell to wyze doorbell pro and I’m wondering if there are plans in the future to add a solar panel compatibility in the fire like ring does. This has been very helpful in the past.

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Doorbell Pro solar attachment charger and Outdoor Wyze Cameras

product suggestion - please make a solar attachment charger for the doorbell pro. In the attached image the purple area would be the solar panels. Make it attach & go around the current doorbell or outdoor Wyze cameras (so it can be part of the doorbell or camera) and plug it into the doorbell pro. This would also be great for outdoor wireless cameras.
The solar panel currently offered for outdoor cameras has too much wire that has to be attached someplace else or near and is too big and bulky looking.


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It’s an interesting option but please remember that many of us have doorbells that may not be in the sun, or do not have the physical space to be mounted on a bezel.
That said, just having an option designed to work with doorbells would be a great idea. Though mine holds a charge for a while, it’s a pain to have to dismount it and charge it periodically. Couple that with a lack of an exact battery indicator. BTW, I’d need around a 10’ cable to get a panel in a place where it could charge the camera enough.

Yes, please

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