Does wyze cams work with neatgear orbi?

Does wyze cams work with neatgear orbi?

So I have been thinking of upgrading my home WiFi to a mesh systems. However, I have read that there have/may be issues with using a mesh system with wyze cams.

Any thoughts or experiences would help.

I have 2 V2’s, a Pan cam and sense… Running a Linksys Velop mesh system with no problems at all

So no issues picking the 2.4 over the 5 with the mesh? Didn’t know if the wyze cam could automatically choose the 2.4.

My network uses a single name for both frequencies, and the wyze grabs the 2.4 with no problem at all. It was a real pain when I was using extenders as I literally had to turn several off so they ended up on the same one.
With the Velop the cams actually connect to different nodes and there is no problem. I should mention I have the fancier Velop with a 5 mhz back channel. Some mesh systems don’t have a back channel…

FYI, I am running the Velop AC6600 with three nodes. I tried the Google mesh (no back channel) and the Asus mesh (signal and speed disappointing). Velop pushes 300 to 400 mb/s at the furthest reaches of my home. Runs full 600 mb/s closer to a node and of course gb via RJ-45 connectuon on wired LAN.