Do you submit videos to Wyze of people you don’t know?

All of my cameras face outward from my house. I like to share videos with Wyze to improve AI. I notice many of the faces of people that go by my house are very clear.

Just wondering how the Wyze community feels about sharing videos with Wyze and your reasons.

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I’m not an attorney and don’t play one on TV.

It is my understanding anything viewed in public is fair game. Now, if your camera is pointed at a neighbor’s window, that is different.

But snowflakes might have hissy fit if you take their picture in public without a legal agreement.


I did it for a few weeks to see if it would improve person detection in poor quality footage. I don’t do it if a face is recognizable.

PD did improve a bit. So +1 for Wyze.

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I think its always to have these kinds of legal/ethical concerns on our mind. Good idea to ask/ or at least google for references. I like @TomG comment, …don’t play one on TV.

Here’s a jump start for you in case you are googling it. The question or issue was could police be recorded in public. But its not limited to police. It applies to the public.

Fordyce v. City of Seattle, (1995) 55 F.3d 436. Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals acknowledged the First Amendment right of citizens to film police officers carrying out their duties in public in the case of Fordyce v City of Seattle, 55 F.3d 436 (1995).

Later in Lewis v State, Dept of Licensing, 157 Wash. 2d 446 (2006) the Washington State Supreme Court also ruled in favor of recording public police activity in the context of a traffic stop. The Court held that there was NO reasonable expectation of privacy in public spaces.