Do Wyze cameras and devices now support PMF (Protected Management Frames)?

I want to turn PMF together with WPA2 but not sure if my WYze devices support this??

There has been a wave and large increase of people disrupting cameras without PMF just using one simple device.

Protected Management Frames (PMF) is a standard defined by WiFi Alliance to enhance WiFi connection safety. It provides unicast and multicast management actions and frames a secure method with WPA2/WPA3, which can improve packet privacy protection.

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Nope and here’s a device that anyone can buy and use to knock all of your WYZE devices offline when close to your home.

If you have Amazon prime, it will cost you less than a new WYZE “pro” camera: WPA2 is a joke!

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Interesting. From the comments people are buying these things to screw with drones too. :frowning:

Yeah I read that as well. Only the very inexpensive drones will still only run 2.4Ghz. WiFi, which is what that device can attack. Also, anyone stupid enough to attack a drone using that device, if they get caught, they’ll be dealing with the FAA and stiff fines/penalties. Drones are thought of as aircraft by the government, which is why there are so many rules surrounding their use.

By the way, I’m a “Part-107” certificate holder (aka licensed drone pilot) as of this year. It has kept me out of trouble while my motorcycle has been in the shop for the entire riding season…don’t get me started on that story…very tough subject for me.


Well this makes Wyze cameras a futile security device

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Yup and the more people that realize this the better the chance WYZE will get off their duff and add WPA3 support to all of their devices. I was very nice about their lack of WPA3 support for over a year. Now that I’ve been after them for a full 12 months, I’m spreading the word every chance I get.


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