Do I have to be subscribed for pictures?

I recently received a Wyze cam from a family member because I found out someone tried (but failed) to get into my place. I don’t live in the best neighborhood. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get into the settings to have the camera take a picture if any motion is detected but to no avail.

I can barely afford to feed myself each month due to rising food costs, sometimes having to hit the local food bank. Do I really need to pay money to have a picture taken? I can see spending money if you want video footage, but not a picture.

Please let me know if I am wrong about this, I’d appreciate it and any help to setup a free way for pictures. Currently I am only able to get notifications if motion is detected, and the ability to go into the app to directly see what the camera is looking at… This is basically useless to me since sometimes the motion sensor picks up nothing, and if someone where to actually come into my place and see the camera, they would likely leave right away, leaving me with no idea who it actually was.

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You tagged your thread as a CamPan V1 so I will assume you have the motorized panning cam.

You do not need to have a paid subscription to get just a photo snapshot and a push notification to your phone when there is motion detected.

In the settings, select Motion Events and make sure Record Motion Events is on and there is no schedule set.

To set notifications, select Notifications in the Cam Settings and make sure Notifications is on for All Motion Events.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the cam in the Detection Settings and the Night Vision in Advanced Settings.

With no subscription, there will be a 5 minute cooldown limitation between uploaded videos.

You can view uploaded Snapshot Thumbnails in the Events Tab. make sure there are no filters set so you see everything (funnel icon).

You can also put in an SD card and record continuously (Advanced Settings). All events link directly to the SD footage so you can review the video from the thumbnail pic in the Events list.


Check out Cam Plus Lite. You can name your own price including Zero dollars per month. You will need a phone or tablet to install the Wyze App to view the 12 second cloud videos.

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