DIY Smart Switch

This is a very simple hack. I extended the leads of the contact sensor and wired them to a regular light switch. I am currently using it for my under cabinet lighting, which is plugged into a Wyze Plug. The lights normally turns on/off on a schedule, but this switch allows for a manual override at any point in the day. It would also work with Wyze Bulb or any device trigger of course.


nice…I made one too that turns on a group of 4 wyze bulbs in my basement

You’re going to put electricians out of business!

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Very ingenious mmorgan44.
Do you have a picture of how the leads connect to the circuit board and could you share?

This is how it connects to the board


Hello, Ken.S
Thanks for posting the picture. Looking at your picture IMG_2125 in your post #1, I noticed an improvement to your mounting of the sending unit to the switch you may like? Disconnect the sensor, remove the existing adhesive, place new adhesive on the opposite side, remount the sensor on the switch, and reconnect. This rearrangement allows the battery to be changed without disturbing the wire leads or the sensor case. There will be no stress applied to the solder connections.
Below is shown a modified contact sensor sending unit where the attachment was reversed to provide easy access to the battery without stress on the leads:
See the last picture (4 Test and Mount Sensor) of post #12.
Wyze Sense deadbolt locked sensor

Victor Maletic.


So, what sort of mount did you create for the switch itself?

What is the signal that is being sent to the sensor in this situation? I like this one a lot as a back up for when the motion sensors don’t work (which happens a bit in my install)

I just use an electrical box. You could use some big magnets I suppose as well. The signal is very simple, switch on = sensor closed, switch off = sensor open. What I really need is a way to detect when the switch is toggled, and to trigger my wyze plug to toggle its state. Basically, on sensor toggle → toggle plug. Sometimes things are out of sync because I use schedules on my wyze plug.

What mmorgan44 did with the sending unit of the contract sensor was replace the magnet triggered reed switch with a finger operated toggle switch.
The wall switch is only connected to the Wyze sending unit. No other hard wired connections.

The sending unit sends out a radio signal in response to the state of the toggle switch.