Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

Where is the custom sound setting in Android 8 on your phone? I am running 7.1.1 on my Nextbit Robin and I don’t see an option under “Settings > Notifications” or “Settings > Sounds”. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place or maybe it is only an option in Oreo.

On my (tmobile) Samsung GS8+, Android 8.0.0 with Samsung Experience 9.0.0, I go to:

Settings > Notifications > Wyze > Wyze Normal

And I can set the alert sound.

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This is all I see under 7.1.1. :frowning:


I would also really like a custom sound option.

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This would be a great option so that I choose a unique sound for Wyze Cam.Right now it is the default notification sound on Android 7.1.1

Hopefully this option is in the works

I’m in the process of writing a blog post to explain how to do this;

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We’ll look forward to reading it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well it’s done for Android 9, but I don’t have access to any other devices right now, so other versions and iOS will have to wait.

I think other Android users might like it if you’d post a link. As for iOS, absent a jailbreak, I don’t think it’s possible except as included in the app by the developer.

It is not new in Android 9 it is the same In Android 8 , That function doesn’t work in Android 7 though

I did already post the link.

I would suggest having a characteristic ringtone for Wyze products so you can differentiate alarms from other common notifications and alerts. Sometimes I ignore the alerts because I do not know that they are important.


How do I get my Pan notification sound to be unique from standard phone notifications on my Moto?
I didn’t find anything in setup to deal with this.

Hello @maxrpm, sorry but at the moment this is not possible but you can vote for this to be a feature by clicking the blue “Vote” box at the top of the page.

If you have Android Version 8 On your phone You can set Sounds for individual apps in your phones settings

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Thanks HDRock, I just needed to dig a little deeper in my settings! Now I can ‘rock on’ !

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Neither the cam nor the cam-pan notifications’ sound is customizable in iPhone or iPad. If you add this capability you could make this toy into a real tool. Please advice if and when you plan to introduce customisation of the notifications, only then I would rave about your product’s utility as a useful tool and your engineering prowess.
Thank you


I have a Google pixel 2. Is this really still an issue? What a joke.

I changed my wyze notification sound and override the Do Not Disturb mode to sound the notification all the time. I have an OnePlus 6t running Android 9.0.

From the posts above, it appears only iOS and older Android are unable to change the sound.

I changed mines with an alarm sound, unless I am over looking it how did you change all three with a different tone?