Device Trigger - Wyze RGB Color Change / Camera Trigger

For Christmas I have my front door lights I’m using the 2x Wyze RGB light bulb.
I have a them scheduled to turn on Sunset-1pm one turns green and one turns red.

I would like help triggering an action. List of the Trigger below. Trigger 1 works, but I don’t know how to get trigger 2 to work properly

  1. When Garage camera detechs Motion RGB light 1 and 2 turn to brightness 100 and color Daylight.

  2. After 30 seconds of detecting. Motion, turn RGB light 1 brightness 100 and color red, and RGB light 2 brightness 100 and color green.

So main how question, how can you say

  • 30 seconds after motion detection
  • 30 seconds after light been Daylight color