Device to Smartphone(or computer) communication without internet

It seems that all these types of devices demand access to a cloud server. However, the internet is not always available. Places like remote cabins, and RV campgrounds may not have internet. Also, some users are not comfortable sending live video and voice to a company offering the cloud services.

Are there technical reasons why the internet is always required? I know the camera can successfully communicate to a phone on the same WiFi router, without using the Internet, after the two are pared using the Internet . But, any power interruption requires the internet be used again to re-connect the two together.

I suspect that it would be technically possible to pair a phone and camera, and keep the pairing through a power failure. I realize the Mac address and other data from the sensor/camera may need to be manually entered into the app. and not use the Internet at any time. Though, perhaps the internet and the Wyse servers could make the process more automatic for the initial pairing.

I realize the above may require a WiFi router be available to manage the data between the sensors/cameras and the phone. But, these are available for under $20. And of course, some services dependent upon the cloud computer’s processing abilities would be sacrificed.

You can keep the authorization to use the cam through a power failure using a pass-thru charging battery bank. A good battery bank can keep a cam up most of the day. The pass-thru charging will let you charge in the car and when you get there. As a bonus it will act as a UPS if you lose power at the remote location.

Without the special pass-thru charging, a battery bank can either charge or provide power, but not both. So it would never charge while it was running the cam.

@cadcoke5, please see this thread as well. The last I heard, Wyze is working on a solution for this.

DreadPirateRush I saw a user say on May 9th that Wyze let them know they are working on a solution to the issue of off-line access, but on May 10th in another discussion, WyzeGwendolyn said the need to contact the servers is expected behavior, and they don’t expect to change that in the future. So if you have anything more recent, let us know. Thanks!

Thanks for pointing me to that. I must have missed that one somehow. :slight_smile:

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The Samsung 10 AH does this, it has one USB in and 2 USB out and seems perpetually on sale for $16.

lol, as soon as you said that they raised the price to $28. :grimacing:

Nah, go direct to Samsung -

They also have regular micro-usb vs C


Man, that price is $35 now. :flushed:

That price routinely jumps back and forth, you’ve either got to keep checking or follow a deal site.
There’s others advertised like
RAVPower 20100mAh PD 3.0 45W Power Delivery Power Bank $39.19 AC + FSSS

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Which I have not tried,

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