Device Info Page -- Tabular Format

Device Info Page

This is great page but it would be far more useful if this were to also include all the configuration paramaters associated with a given device in tabular format.

This would allow one to check all the configuration settings with a single click on a tab instead of having to navigate in and out of the menu. When one has a large number of cams it will significent reduce the amount of effort to check the settings and hopefully reduced setup errors.

In addition, it would be very convient to be able to access this information directly via the top right home page Button . One stop shopping for all the info and configuration settings with the click of a button!!! This could be an addition button included within the Sort Products option page or or a additional item added to this menu listing called Device Info & Configuration* .

I would suggest leaving all the setup design/routine with respect to device configuration as is. This approach is intended be a convient way to access the info, not to make changes via the proposed Device Info & Configuration page.

*Note: One the home page the Cams are referred to as Products and futher down in the menu they are referred to as Devices . For the sake of consistentcy the cams should be referenced under one descriptor- my vote Device

The Product vs Device language has come up a few times. I agree that Devices makes more sense to the average user. I hope it gets changed.

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