Detector for unseen fires

This is actually my husband’s idea, but since he isn’t real familiar with Wyze yet, I will put his idea in the wishlist. Next time, it’s his turn…lol. So, this is his suggestion: a Wyze device that can sense heat inside walls, uses standard outlet for power, has the ability to use battery backup (lithium batteries). What can the device do? It can measure heat, pressure, and temperature in the walls, and send an alarm to your cellphone, tablet, or pc. It can also pin point the exact location of the fire in the home or garage, using a flir system.

I was also hoping for one for your property that would detect fires using AI and use a drone system to automatically scan a selected area with sensors in the ground to keep the drone in boundary using cosmic radiation to power the ground sensors and have the drone automatically charge after its done with scanning the area every few minutes. A whole home system inside and out.