Detection Zone Turned Itself Off

Talking devices scare me. Sniffing dogs scare me. Multi-front warfare scares me.

It’s scary, Chemmie. I’m scared. :flushed:

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I intend to die laughing. :slight_smile:

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BAM. I thought same things. Updates are crap! Upper management doesnt care, they aren’t testing software prior to release and/ or programmers need more knowledge or training. It’s beyond frustrating

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My hope as well!

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V2 cams seem ok - I got beta app and beta fw. Zone seems to remain active, but motion tagging option did turn off - possibly it’s the default so when the new beta installs, it’s turned off. Not sure, I’ll pay attention now. Also irritating they have to bury the option under “more”. Seems more logical to put it in the detection options. Millennial coders🙄

Another oddball action I noticed is when I went into the doorbell, detection zone initially showed on. Left page to check device info for fw ver, returned to detection page and the zone settings were completely missing, just white space. Went back to live stream page and it was frozen. Left to go to home page then back to view live stream, yup it’s live again, back to settings, detection settings, it shows zone toggle off now. Back to settings then return to detection and now zone is on again! Ya, weird. It’s wyze, hard to expect anything other than flaky behavior these days - whether it’s beta software or not doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Force closing the app on my iPhone worked for all three V3 cams. Last week all the detection zones were just the gray/dark gray boxes, no picture. I forced close the app and all the detection zones came back and I saved them again. Still there today, very weird.

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My detection zone settings just now turned itself off again, causing the camera to miss something I’ve been watching. Thanks Wyze! Why hasn’t this already been fixed?!

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How is he going to fix it? He won’t be able to.

I can totally empathize with the frustration. I just loaded yet another beta app and still no fix for my cam lite snafu. New store and shopping crap added, but fix some persistent real life user problems and they are awol. As for tagging wyze people, been there, tried that! Might get some feigned interest in a reply or two but ultimately nothing is fixed.

If enough people report this and get camera logs, they will look into it. I just checked all my cams WCO, v3, v2. All fine today.

If your seeing the issue, get a log in the cameras settings > Wyze support > submit a log. Post the log number here.

We shouldn’t have to submit logs when this isn’t an isolated issue. All Wyze has to do is use one of their cameras and they will have the same problems because it’s due to the App update.


As I said, I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, so maybe they can’t either. Logs are what Wyze has asked for, so if we have those resolved, we have to help them.

Now the motion tagging turned itself off again and the live feed froze after opening it! And yes the camera has a strong wifi signal at 3 bars. Okay here is a log Wyze 671373.

You’re replying to wrong person. I’ve submitted plenty of logs, screen shots, screen recordings, in depth descriptions and followed all the wyze recommendations and suggestions for my issue - all failed to help fix the issue. Eventually wyze said, they can’t fix it. More likely they don’t want to pay their contract developers to fix it because those with the same issue are a small minority. So wyze has made it abundantly clear - live with it or delete my acct, reset all my devices and start over.

What do you mean by force closing the app? I’ve closed the app many times, not letting it run the background and nothing has changed. It comes back just like putting my phone into sleep and then waking it, but many times a day the same issued keep coming back. It’s not isolated to just one of my cameras and know it’s a bug in the App’s update.

I’m having this same problem. Bought my first Wyze product, a V3 cam, a couple of weeks ago and have been playing around with it, learning it’s capabilities, moving it to different locations, etc. Seems like I’m having lots of glitches, including this one with the detection zones mysteriously turning on and off. Very frustrating.

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Another V3 camera turned off the detection grid and motion tagging, causing the camera to miss events. And the live feed is frozen when first opening it up, also has a strong wifi signal. Log 671469.

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That same camera just did it again! Log# 671480.

Wyze fix this already!

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ME too – and latest app update is suddenly only wanting to show 6 of 8 cams – Cams have not moved – all up to date… App update only change. AND a number of cams with app update changed both sensor areas and video levels on SOME cameras…