Detection Zone - Odd display

Hi Guys

Having a weird situation here.
Im using a samsung galaxy note 10+ phone ( Android ), and when navigating to set detection zones and areas, when the map opens to shade the different parts of the image, the image itself is very very small

i have tried turning my phone on its side to go landscape but nothing

the reason i am mentioning this is a matter of days ago i was looking at this area on the same phone and was able to see a full screen image

am i missing something here ?

Hello @mike.sarah.

I have the same phone, what app version on are you on and what camera firmware do you have. I will look and see if I have the same experience.

And if you can, post a screenshot.

heya, quite a tough one to send a screen shot but ill explain and give what i can

android version 11 one ui 3.1
cam firmware

setup is three cameras connect at different points of the property, the selecting of the none detection zone seems to work great on the first camera, then as i installed the other two i start to get issues

when i go to set the detection zone i am presented with the usual boxes with the imagine but the entire areas is probably 1/20th the size of the screen, so without the use of the hubble telescope im royally screwed :stuck_out_tongue:

I am on the same firmware as you with all of my V3 cameras and this is the detection zone I am seeing on the Samsung Note10+

They look normal to me in mine. What is your wyze app version?

You may want to check the Android setting for your screen resolution, I have seen that affect the size of the image before

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Thanks for that I’m OK the newest I have just u installed the app and installed again and seems to have helped… Odd one though