Detection Zone Not Changes not responding

My camera started picking up street traffic and minor movements on the sidewalk. I adjusted my detection zone however even though the street is no longer in the detection it’s still picks up street traffic. I saved my changes, restarted my device via software, I’ve unplugged the device but still the same issues. My detection has the new block selections.

To make matters worse a delivery truck pulled to the end of my driveway. The delivery man walked to my house and dropped of a package. The unit did NOT pick up any movement as a person or motion. The dozens of recordings I have received and it didn’t work when I needed it too. And there were no recording within 20 minutes so I know it wasn’t too close to another movement.

The device is the Wyze Cam v2.

Any help is appreciated
Thanks and God bless.

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Exact same issue with new detection boxes not working. Deselected boxes are still generating alerts.

Today it has been picking up cars in the street outside the detention zone. However this afternoon it didn’t pick me up walking to the mailbox or the UPS man delivering a package. But it did pick up my wife walking in the driveway.

How do we get support on this issue?