Detect sound of catalytic converter being cut off

With catalytic converter thefts in the US being at all time high I’m recommending a enhancement to Wyze cameras and apps (including ones in doorbells as well as standalone cams) to detect the specific sound that occurs when a thief is trying to cut off a catalytic converter from the undercarriage of an automobile.

This functions should be similar to the current smoke detector sound detection flag/alert. Outdoor cameras should have the ability to sound the alarm (optionally) or notify the user/owner of the triggered event immediately.

The sound of a saw cutting a metal catalytic converter in the middle of the night is very specific hence there shouldn’t be a problem isolating and identifying it easily with limited false positives. Implementing this functionality would (hopefully) result in more of the thieves being caught by authorities. It could also potentially save millions of dollars in annual losses that people incur as a result of their converter being stolen.

Thank you
Jake L / Drexel Hill, PA

Interesting idea. How is this significantly more effective than the existing sound and motion based recording? Wouldn’t it be good to catch them as they approach your car?

Just think how many catalytic converters would have to die for Wyze to learn the sound. :slight_smile:

Not really. How many houses had to burn down for Wyze to learn the smoke detector sound? Lol.

I doubt the samples used for analysis were taken from customers cameras.

Huh? If they are moving toward the car then motion detection will… detect them. If they are humans then person detection should detect them. The V3s see especially well at night and both they and the V2s have near infrared lights.

Huh? Wyze cams have always had sound detection with adjustable sensitivity.

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Attach a screenshot from the Wyze app showing where sound detection is controlled.

When your car is parked on the street in front of your house the camera cannot see someone crawling under it from the other side.


So you set your motion detection zone to include a few feet around your car, just like everyone else does?


So my Wyze Cam Outdoor does not have this functionality. I have the latest app installed there is no sound setting.

Negative. It is out of reach, I’m sure I’m not the only one that is out range of their car. Also what if it is not exactly in front of the house, maybe 3-4 cars away?

Ah, I see. WCO is very different. It does nothing at all until its PIR sensor detects heat/motion, and only then wakes up the rest of the camera. I doubt the current WCO will ever do anything like what you’re looking for. :frowning:

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detection of circular saw and Reciprocating Saw sounds

This is extra sad as my street has been victims of catalytic converter theft 3 times. 3 times the owner heard something out of the normal of sawing. These thefts happen within 1-2 mins. Besides our street being hit we know many people in our city where this has happened.

If we can detect a person and then the sawing sound so it can activate a siren or special alert it could be a surprising deterrent.
My thought:
Have a setting to enable special monitor by owner. eg. 2-4 am.
If person detect + zone + saw sound. Activate siren or per speech.

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