Deleting account

Since the data breach I wanted to change my email address but finding out we can’t …only create new account on app. Any way to delete this online account. Can’t find answers anywhere

The email account name already got out with the data breech. It probably wouldn’t be of any use to delete the Wyze account afterwards. If you’re deleting the email account you used to set up your Wyze account, that would prevent any phishing emails that come as a result of the breech.

Thank you I’m already in the process of changing that email anyway from previous data breaches and hundreds and hundreds of fishing’s spam emails I receive daily I’ll just set up a completely new account I guess

Honestly, if you’re already doing that, why not create two new accounts, using one only for things like the Wyze login, other forums, social media, and other things you suspect might have brought on the phishing junk; and the other new email address for the more trusted communications like bank & utility logins and communications ? A disposable email address for this kind of stuff can be handy.

Between work and these 2 accounts …it’s plenty…I spend way too much time already deleting crap…lololol