Delay on (physical) Reset button

It’s a tiny annoyance, but we use one of our cars as a baby monitor and seems like once or twice a week my wife or I bump the reset button and I have to reprogram it.

I would live to see a 3-5 second press and hold delay if it’s a feasible option (among the hundred of other suggestions)

Holding down the reset button already means something else (factory reset). So I’m not sure how this would be feasible.

I’m wondering why are you physically manipulating the camera so much? And can’t your train yourself to just not grab it by the bottom?


The constant movement is a very temporary problem. Moving it between looking at the crib, and at the baby swing a couple times a day.

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Hmmm… seems like you need a Pan Cam for this application. :slight_smile:

Have you tried putting a strip of electricians tape over it?

That’s how I fix blinking clocks on my VCR.

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One other hack you could do… get a small blade and pry up the reset button plastic, snapping it off. You would still be able to push the reset button with a toothpick. No guarantee this wouldn’t void your warranty though.