Delay in CamPlus AI notifications

What delays in notification are people getting from the time a person or vehicle enters the camera’s Field of Vision (FoV) to the time a notification is generated? I’m typically getting between 14 and 22 seconds, which is frankly too much of a delay to be useful, aside from forensics review.

It might be helpful to have either a camera with sufficient processing power to do the edge processing, or software on a local micro-server like an RPi 4 perform the model inferencing on the local network.


I am getting a similar delay time for person detection.

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I get mine at about the same rate , 15-20 seconds . I have been very critical of this delay. For a security camera it just be instantaneous, all I’ve read is that wyze sends the event video to their servers and they review it and send it back . But Ring does the same and I’m able to receive them instantly , like 1-2 seconds .

So something is up, a lot of people say they switching to a mesh router does the trick but I am very uncertain bc some have switched over and they still get the delay .

We need answers and more info from wyze , this can no longer be accepted

I just completed a 10 day log of AI notifications with the goal to quantify the notification latency for AI Events.

What I found was that I was not able to accurately pinpoint the moment the AI bot positively identified the AI object.

Motion activated videos in CP can be up to 5 minutes, they can be triggered by motion other than the identified AI object, and the AI object can come into frame late into the video. Since the push notification and Event Video is timestamped from the motion activation of the Event and not from the positive AI tag, using the timestamps and notification arrival times couldn’t provide accurate data points to measure against. Add to this varying data transmission speeds due to local and carrier network congestion and processing speed during peak AWS periods. I just couldn’t find metrics that could be considered accurate.

That being said, most of my AI push notifications ranged from 6s to 30s from activation to notification received. There were outliers in the minutes, but the core averaged about 15s.

I have a mesh router and it does not make any difference in the delay.

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