Deauth / wifi jamming notifications

I would like to see functionality added to the Wyze cam regarding Deauth / wifi jamming attack detection or prevention. Either by adding PMF / 802.11w on the next cam (which is more expensive and doesn’t fix everything), or on the current v3’s adding an optional interval ‘check-in’ from the Wyze servers to the Wyze cams that can be enabled in settings (not a default, to help with bandwidth). Also… making it a cam plus feature so you’re paying for that extra bandwidth.

This would help detect these attacks if the app could send you notifications when it hasn’t seen your cams online in your selected interval (30 seconds - 2 min). Thus, giving you exact timeframes needed to go manually review your 24/7 video recording footage when you get back home. You could even dedicate a small area of the timeline playback near the green bar where your cam wasn’t online.

Also… don’t know how complicated this would be but adding some algorithm to detect jamming like Nest Secure or Simplisafe and set off notifications.

I know about PoE cameras and other options out there, but I think this is in line with Wyze’s ability to provide outstanding value and features at this lower price point.

As these attacks have become easy for script kiddies and even your average techie to research, download, and execute in an hour… I believe some support should be added before WiFi cams can never be relied upon for security again.

Most of us have our cameras go offline frequently enough all on their own, but what the heck. :wink:


As a victim of a deauth attack, I welcome ANY sensible ways to detect, and in a perfect world, STOP those attacks.

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There are two gadgets/concepts that will get past WiFi and IR:

  1. Deauth Wi-Fi Jammer -

It’s ~$50, but recommends WPA3 setting on router
Cameras will still record for reviewing after the intruder is gone or jammer is turned off

  1. InfraRed (IR) reverse flash -

The motion will still be detected, but bright flashes for faces is what will get captured

Combine the two… Wow, what vulnerability.