Daylight Savings Time?

All 16 of my cameras are showing the correct time after the time change.

Basic question: Did you make sure all your cameras are running the latest firmware?
I know … not very scientific … but let’s rule-out the obvious aspects first.

Mine always have run the latest firmware and have never changed time automatically. I put in a request to see if Wyze can explain why some change, and some don’t.

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See my previous post.

See my previous post…

Checked my cameras yesterday after this topic and they had updated. Don’t have any schedules running so can’t say if they would have been affected or not.

All 10 of my cams had the correct time.

Maybe I need to buy more?

I bet wyze would appreciate it…

When I was going back and finding events that were recorded to SD card and tried to record it from within the app I wasn’t capturing the correct footage because since the recent daylight savings time deal. Once I went into advanced settings and synced the time again everything worked as normal. Maybe they can fix this issue on the next update so that the camera will automatically resync accordingly for those of us who have to deal with this daylight savings time ridiculousness.