Daylight Savings Time?

My cameras were all synced correctly when I got up this morning? What am I missing?


The Android experience?


I saw some folks on FB having the same issue. It is confusing to me because all my devices have always automatically sync’d to DST and vice versa. I’m on Android. The experience is not consistent with everyone, obviously. SMH


That’s got to be it. But I have an Android tablet it was in sync too? Guessing it’s a setting or option somewhere called “Don’t be like literally every other computational device on the planet and annoy your human!”

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It is interesting to see other’s responses. Not sure why some cameras act differently. Thanks for your input.

Here is my environment, just in case anyone is interested:

All V2 cams
Latest updates as of today, non-beta. On cams and app.
Samsung s10e running on 9.0 (Latest updates)
All cams are indoors near windows with solid wifi.
Two of three cams on UPS.
My phone and cams reside on two different networks.

I am left perplexed but curious. :thinking:

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My Stepson’s $9.99 radio alarm clock sets its time automatically. It doesn’t even have access to internet time servers via an always connected app.


I’ve been thru several time changes since I bought my first camera, and never have I had a camera automatically update.

I’m on iOS, but for this to work it has to be in the camera’s firmware. I am using all V2 cams on the current V2, but no version has ever done this for me. I am using the current iOS production app v2.5.53 on an iPhone 6 on iOS 12. 12.4.2, but again, if the app has to be running to get the cameras to update automatically, then that design needs to be reviewed. All the cams should need is Internet access and a NTP server.

Interesting it works for some. Wonder why!


I checked all 8 of my cams when I woke up to see if they had changed or if I would have to mess with them. All of mine were updated to the correct time automatically.


Likewise for all six of my v2’s …


@ssummerlin @gemniii So your cameras didn’t update the time automatically? Mine on Android did

Oh that it were that simple. In addition to access to a NTP server, the cams needs to know where they are, more accurately, which time zone they are in. In fact, that’s not enough; in order to determine local time, they need to know the UTC offset and the DST rules that are in place at their specific geographic location.

NTP servers publish UTC time. The many NTP servers scattered around the internet don’t know the time zone offset of client devices that make an NTP query. They just send out UTC time to everybody. It’s up to the device to add or subtract the appropriate UTC offset in order to determine the correct local time. And the device also has to implement the DST offset on the proper dates, which means it has to know the DST rules that are in effect at the specific location of the device.

In order to correctly adjust for DST, it’s not sufficient to simply configure the device with the time zone it’s in (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Central European, etc etc). Various geographic regions have unique DST rules. For example, Arizona does not observe DST. Nor does most of the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. They stay on standard time year round. Arizona is in Mountain Time Zone (UTC-7) year round. So a cam located in Arizona needs to subtract 7 from the UTC time obtained from an NTP server to determine local time, and it will never make a 1 hour adjustment for DST in spring & fall. Unless the cam happens to be located on the Navaho reservation (which is partly in AZ). DST is observed on the reservation.

NTP servers don’t know any of this. The camera needs to have the smarts in the firmware to figure it all out and correctly deduce local time. To do so, they need to have been provided with the appropriate offset rules based on their location.

All of my Wyze cams adjusted to EST overnight. I don’t know how they knew to do so. The firmware might well contain the nominal rules for DST adjustments in North America (2nd Sunday in March, 1st Sunday in November). But those rules aren’t applicable in Arizona and Saskatchewan . It would be interesting to know if any Wyzecams in AZ or SK moved their internal clocks back an hour last night…


Agreed. But that’s just a few setting variables. Wyze doesn’t need to know the rules, just provide entries for them.

I know what ya mean, though. I live in Indiana, and just going south from Chicago you change time zones from Central to Eastern to Central, because our Governor in his infinite wisdom let each county set their own time zone, lol. And some of those counties have changed their time zone more than once!

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I have 2 V2 and 2 Pan cams. All 4 updated their time correctly.
I just noticed that a time based rule i have is now off by an hour. Was 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, now 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM.
Wyze likes to keep us on our toes.

Android Beta v2.6.36

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I have a couple of pro cams from Hikvision. Their admin interface lets me specify the UTC offset, whether to adjust for DST or not, and the rules to use for DST. The GUI for the latter is pretty advanced: I can specify which hour/day/week/month for the jump forward and jump back.

Of course, Wyze could make this all go away. They could figure out where each camera is located. They know its public IP address, and can use it to get an approximate geo fix. They know the SSID of the WiFi network, which can be used with various locating services to infer location. The latest iOS app requests access to iOS Location Services, so the app could then inform the camera exactly where it’s located, and thus determine the UTC offset and DST formula…

But then they would have to know the time zone specifications of every location everywhere, and many people also don’t want location info leakage. Personally, I’d rather just set my specifics in settings, which then would be transferred to the camera, so the camera can do it on its own with Internet access and a NTP server.

I agree.
But I fear the customers’ location information has already ‘leaked’. Public IP, LAN IP, SSID, iOS location, and who knows what else could have been hoovered up by the cameras and apps for export. Would be useful intel for product plans, marketing strategy, etc.

All 16 of my cameras are showing the correct time after the time change.

Basic question: Did you make sure all your cameras are running the latest firmware?
I know … not very scientific … but let’s rule-out the obvious aspects first.

Mine always have run the latest firmware and have never changed time automatically. I put in a request to see if Wyze can explain why some change, and some don’t.

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