Darkened image quality

I have ambient lighting turned on, and when it gets dark out, I notice that every night the image quality of the camera will be dark around the sides and up top.

I have to turn off the floodlights and turn it back on, and the image will clear up when the flood lights are on.

This only happens when the sunsets and it gets dark out with ambient lighting scheduled from sunset-sunrise

This is how it looks

What happens if you point your lights farther outward in every direction instead?

Making it brighter more toward the border can extend the average lighting to be a wider and more balanced area and make it easier to see more.
Aim the left one much farther to the left, and the right one much farther to the right, and the middle one as far up as you dare without upsetting your neighbors for thinking it is pointing directly at them. I bet that will improve things.

Right now, there is so much light in the center of the video that if it made the outside viewable, the middle would be completely washed out and only white. If you can spread out the lighting a little more then it will be able to extend the viewable area without white-washing the center of your viewable area.


Additionally it looks like there is a new firmware update in beta that is supposed to help improve the color nightvision:

Maybe that will help with this for you?


Hey Carver, I tried your suggestion and it didn’t work.

This is what the floodlights looked like before:

And this is after I moved them like you suggested:

This is what the image looked like tonight once the ambient lighting came on at sunset and it started to get dark:

The image still looks darkened for some reason but not as bad as it looked like before.

What I have to do for the image to clear up, is turn off ambient lighting, wait a few seconds , and turn it back on , and this is what it looks like after :

This is what it looks like after I turn off ambient lighting and turn it back on, the image clears up sooooo much!

I’m hoping that Beta FW addresses this issue, it’s a bit annoying having to turn off the ambient lighting and turn it back on every night just for the image to clear up.

I might have to create a rule schedule of some sort to do it automatically for me instead of me doing it manually every night


I can tell that the change made a little bit of a difference:

But definitely not as great as the really clear one.

I’ll see if I can pass on this feedback. Your examples are really good. Thank you.


Yes moving the floodlights out more like you suggested definitely helped a little bit but the image still looks dark. I have to turn off the floodlights and turn them back on for the image to clear up every night. Kinda annoying but oh well.

I’m gonna try and test out the Beta FW and see if it addresses the problem.

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and it continues to stay dark UNLESS you intervene? am I understanding that? or does it eventually adjust once it gets darker?

what does it look like without ambient light turned off and with night vision turned off completely? does that stay dark aswell once it gets darker and darker?


Yes, that’s correct. The image will stay darkened until I turn off the floodlights and turn them back on.

If I turn off ambient lighting and set the night vision to OFF, that’ll force the camera to go colored night vision. The image will be in colored night vision and won’t look darkened like the images I’ve posted before

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right on, that’s precisely what I was wondering. The reason I asked that is I was wondering where the levels were for the contrast to not flip and get as good, And with you saying that the color night vision doesn’t have the same effect where it appears as though the concrete is the brighter area and I think the quick contrast is what is fixing the bad adjustment. so in that I wonder if it is the over saturation of the concrete causing it or the lack of light at the edges not allowing it to adjust.

you dont happen to drive a dark car do you?

If you happened to drive a dark car, I would say, pull the dark car onto the concrete so that the image is more leveled across its whole field of view and see if. the result stays where the edges don’t adjust as well. and vice versa to that. If you drive a very light colored car, park that near the top of the frame of view. and see if the camera is able to adjust based on that.

It almost seems as if the camera is adjusting based on ace. single area. and doing a horrible job because of it. Whereas once the floodlights are manually controlled, it’s looking at a larger area. This is purely speculation, but it’s the type of thing I would be playing around with if I were having this issue.

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Any update on this? I’ve been dealing with this issue for 3 months now and it’s very annoying having to turn off ambient lighting and turn it back on every single night to clear up the image quality.


The recent FW update to the FLP didn’t fix this issue. Were you able to pass this up the chain to anyone?

I believe I did so 3 months ago when this first came up. But I am not sure what happened with it

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I’m still experiencing this issue, every single night I have to turn off the ambient lighting and turn it back on for the image to clear up. Been dealing with this issue for almost 4 months now, very annoying.

Who can we let know about this issue?!?


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Can you DM me a screen recording showing what you are experiencing? I am unable to replicate this on either of mine.


The file size of the screen recording is too big to be sent through DM on the forum, I sent the video to you on Discord through messages. Check that when you get a chance, thanks.


I’m still experiencing this issue, any idea when it will be addressed @WyzeJasonJ


Sorry, been out on PTO, let me see what I can find out.


Their was time a few months ago where the image did not get dark and it was clear, I didn’t have to go in and fix it manually by turning off the ambient lighting, waiting for the camera to switch to night vision, and then turn on ambient lighting again to clear up the image but that only lasted for a few days.

The issue is still affecting my camera.

Hope you enjoyed some time off over the holiday.


I did, but getting caught up is brutal.