Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Firmware Beta Test 10/18/2023


What’s New:

  • Added support for audio clip and repeat interval settings for Motion Warning (Wyze app 2.45 or later required)

  • Updated Image Quality (IQ) to fix a Color Night Vision bug

  • Fixed Motion-activated Light bugs

  • Security improvements


Updating it now via the Bulk FW update page.


Updated Firmware. Uneventful.


I’m running the 2.46 Beta. Any instructions on where to find this new feature? The Motion Warning UI looks the same.

EDIT (again): Nevermind. My hopes and dreams are crushed. :disappointed: I thought we would have the option to select our own audio clip. But no. It’s just this deep voiced baritone and the Woody Woodpecker tone. Time Interval appears after the choice is selected. I didn’t see it because mine was set to None.



Can someone share this version firmware with me? i need to rollback as flood light is stuck in red. Thanks

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