Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Beta 2.0.944 - 7/05/2023

Beta Firmware and Beta Apps are publicly tested by users who opt into the Beta Program. These are discussed within the public forum for any user to read within the Beta category. I believe what you may be thinking of is the Hardware Testing Program.

This is a noted behavior of the FLP by design. I had the same experience of the floodlight activating constantly all night long with no AI or Motion Events upload although I had the floodlight activation set to Person only.

I learned that it was because I had the sensitivity set too high. The onboard AI is controlled by the sensitivity setting. Within the firmware there are two separate thresholds preset. When the floodlight detects motion, the onboard AI looks at the moving objects and makes a percentage assessment of how closely it matches your set AI objects (Person, Pet, etc.). If the onboard AI is X.XX% sure (low threshold) it matches the object, it turns on the lights for a better look. If it is Y.YY% sure (high threshold) it is the object, it then uploads the video for server AI Engine tagging.

If the sensitivity is set too high, everything meets the low threshold but not the high one and the light is activating constantly.

It is a trial and error adjustment to find the sweet spot for your FOV. I dialed mine in at about 55. The sensitivity on the FLP is not calibrated the same as it is on the other Wyze cams so they cannot be compared.

This is a major problem. You are overwhelming the onboard AI. Set it at 50, test it, increase until it gets hyperactive, then slowly over time decrease it by one.

2.1.999 (August 30, 2023) is the latest Public Firmware available. Firmware cannot be flashed manually at this time. There is currently a Beta Firmware in testing,, discussed in the Beta Thread Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Firmware Beta Test 10/18/2023.