Customer Support is the worst

NO live tech’s, no phone numbers, no emails, everyone saying the same thing , cant get doorbell chime to connect…How do I return this junk?

I get you are frustrated. I’m always frustrated when things don’t work as expected too.

Wyze does have live customer support that will walk through technical troubleshooting with you:

By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online:

Phone calls are live, sometimes you can do live chat. Email support is just for your convenience (do things in cracks of time that are convenient for you without you waiting on hold when they are swamped with calls or other chats).

Support has always treated me better than any other company I’ve ever dealt with. Even when I did things that were 100% my fault, not a warranty issue, and not Wyze’s responsibility in ANY way (and I told them all that upfront), they still took care of me at their own cost. They’ve been absolutely beyond incredible by the end result. They will go through a long script of troubleshooting steps for you to try and implement first to absolutely make sure all common solutions are exhausted before just giving up, but they have always been really reasonable.

Still, if you want to return your stuff, just call them (or chat or email) and tell them you want to return it (assuming you are within your 30 days or whatever the return policy is), and they can do that.

Having worked customer service jobs in the past (while getting through college), I will say that being nice to the agents and giving them a chance to handle it gets one a lot further than being emotional and critical. Try to call when you are calm and be courteous about it all. They’ll go out of their way to help within whatever limits they have. If they can’t resolve it themselves, then courteously acknowledge you know they are just following their policies and first ask if they can get permission from someone else to do as you request, otherwise politely let them know that even though it’s not their fault, you’ll need someone with more authority and discretion. If you are mean or pull a “Karen”, they’ll just find a way to “accidentally” screw you over…maybe even just make you wait an extra half hour to an hour on hold before they even tell anyone you’re waiting for someone, or transfer you to a different company, or the spanish line, or hang up “on accident” or tell the supervisor who is close with them and COULD HAVE helped you to instead screw you over just on principle for being a jerk. 95% of the time I had enough discretion to resolve an issue. Sometimes I was required to push back once or twice, but in the end I could give credits or do whatever was necessary if it was legit (maybe go on hold for a minute first to tell my supervisor I was doing it so I had permission). Even override any policy (like if it’s a 30 day return policy, I could allow it way later if I felt it was a legit issue). But if someone was a jerk, I’d let them deal with the exact “letter of the law” and not give any helpful discretion at all. Those kind of angry attacking people don’t deserve to be rewarded with credits, etc. was the way I saw it. I’d use my discretion to the highest extent for anyone who was polite and calm (they could still be firm and unwavering, that’s okay and reasonable…but anger and disrespect was 100% unacceptable).

Trust me, go into your call as courteous as possible (courteous doesn’t mean being a pushover that gets taken advantage of, it just means not being emotional or mean)…it basically ALWAYS works for me anytime I deal with customer service, and Wyze has always gone WAY FAR above and beyond for me with this kind of attitude.

I’d recommend going through all their troubleshooting with them, but you can just ask to return it if you want. Either way, you’ll get what you need (even if it’s just to return it with a refund), just give them a call and be extra polite and courteous about it all. Trust me.

I actually did a warranty exchange with my first VDB, got my second one and activated it, and it’s AWESOME! The video quality is surprisingly REALLY GOOD! I’m sorry you’re having trouble with yours. See if Support can help, if not, return it. Do whatever will make you happiest and least frustrated.

Best wishes regardless.