Custom color shells/wraps/skins

I put my first cam in a window to watch the yard and immediately wished that it wasn’t a white box. Any chance you can produce colored shells or partner with a company to produce custom wraps? Ultimately it would be great if the customer could provide an image and have the shell created for them in a similar fashion to custom phone cases.

I’m kind of surprised that CafePress or Zazzle isn’t already offering these.

But there is this:

which does offer a custom option


for the V2:
Take a picture of the spot you want to put it.
Print out a sheet.
Cut out the lens circle.
Stick on the front of the camera


So kinda like this?

Another option is to paint it with a removable paint like Plasti Dip:


just did this with 3 of mine…works pretty good if you know how to correctly put the dip on.

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I use the spray paint, just a matter of spraying multiple coats.

The cool thing about Plasti Dip is it is VERY light-absorbing, and if you have multiple cams it can cost MUCH less. Four cams = $1.50 a cam!


Wyze, you should create skins for your cameras. Different colors that can blend into the background.

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Please consider creating additional color options for your products. I.e., black, blue, red, etc. in addition to just the white offerings.

I searched here and it doesn’t seem like anyone is asking for some kind of cover for the cam that does not block shooting but does make the cam not look so much like a camera. isn’t the whole point to hide these? i have mine up in a corner of my apartment but if anyone were to look there, they’d see a camera. if there were a screen that snaps on and makes it look like a white cube, it could be anything, or at least not call attention to itself as a camera.

I just bought a cover for my cam pan that is coming today and it’s actually a like a sticker kind of thing and it kind of matches my kitchen cabinets so I’m gonna put it up on the top of the kitchen cabinets so to cover the kitchen the dining room and the living room I can plan it around. Once I get it on I will post a picture.

Try here. Have wraps for a ton of things including the cams.


Got my outdoor camera, but very hard to make hidden when it’s bright white. Camoflauge or something would be good.

In the posts above, there are third party suppliers listed for the V2. If they don’t already, I would imagine they will soon have them for the WCO.

That said, while Wyze may eventually make a black WCO, it is unlikely that they will produce any other colors or sell skins themselves. For the V2, the only think they have done is produce paper cutout templates. But those won’t work for the WCO as they aren’t waterproof.

Plasti dip to the rescue again.

Limited colors but it’s an optional skin that you can peel off anytime you want. It will work until something better comes along


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Wyze Color Options

White cabling is only good for white homes. Wyze would sell cables and skins in multiple colors to accomodate a variety of exterior colors.

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Cam-pan-V3 skin.

The PAN-V3 needs a skin similar to Jonny5.

Didn’t they partner with a popular sticker wrap company? The popular one I can’t think of the name of it but the one that did the MKBHD collab and had a playstation lawsuit

We probably will not do much with this right now with all the third-party choices that pop up quickly.

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