Critical alert When Armed and triggered?

It would be awesome if the critical alert came through when the alarm is armed and triggered- INSTEAD of only after the alarm goes off…

SO- when it’s armed and a sensor is triggered (door opens) and the countdown begins-
It makes sense that I would get a critical alert RIGHT THEN if the system is armed and then triggered so I can immediately disarm it if I know it’s a false alarm/ i.e. my kids or something.

@cswestbrook Welcome to the community!

You can accomplish an immediate alert by setting the entry time to “0”. Actually, I prefer this myself instead of a 30 second delay on entry. If a door or window is opened, I want the alarm to go off so Noonlight can be notified promptly. I use my phone to arm/disarm the system to avoid triggering the alarm when entering and leaving.

There is an existing #wishlist topic similar to your idea that you may want to check out here.

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