CoolDown Cool down and fast criminals

The criminal arrived at my house at 12:47:00,
He requested I open my door at 12:48:56.
His right hand is not holding stick.
I declined

I’ll get back to you in a bit.

Hope you are safe?

WOW! Just WOW.

In the overwhelming majority of these situations (including normal burglary, which this isn’t even normal burglary), the victim and offender usually already know each other. I’m guessing it’s an angry neighbor? Sounds like something worth calling police to come sort out since there are implicit violent threats involved, by the presence of weapons. Regardless of why he’s upset, this automatically puts him in solidly the wrong in a civilized society.

Nice to have cameras able to record such interactions. Keep safe. Do everything possible to sort it out through safe legal means!

Apologizes -This is a joke. everyone is safe. My purpose was to express my displeasure with the 5 minute cooldown.

The scene should have been.

I do not have the ‘end all’ answer but If

The position of the “attackers” left hand is an indication that this is not a real threat.

So sorry – I did not do a very good note – and did not think it through. I was teasing about how the wyze cam would notice me once the criminal showed up in the driveway. But then go into cooldown period while the criminal (me) was getting into the house.

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That said, Wyze has a service that eliminates the 5 minute cooldown. You may want to consider subscribing to Cam Plus: Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code


I don’t see how the cooldown would have been an issue in this make-believe scenario. It clearly recorded the would-be criminal with a weapon, threatening you. It would have sent you a notification that someone showed up, you’d clearly see he was a danger, and it would be sufficient to submit as evidence to police that he showed up with a weapon, etc. and would be easily identifiable. Once he entered the house as you said, the camera wouldn’t be showing what he did in the house anyway, it would still be pointed outside away from him, so the cooldown after he entered the house was irrelevant.

Furthermore, as mentioned, if this was a big deal, you could subscribe to Cam Plus to capture all motion. Hardly any other company gives ANY free cloud storage, so the fact that Wyze offers this for free without ongoing payment is still a ton better than most. Most require a subscription for any cloud access, or an SD card for all events. And for that matter, Wyze also supports both of those options too. You can buy more cloud storage just as every other company charges for, or you can insert an SD card and record every single things 24/7. In those cases you get all the benefits of the free cloud events, then can go back and get the entire recording off the SD card if needed, or buy cloud recording like others do and record all motion. Either way, Wyze does everything that every other company does, but Wyze offers one thing almost none of the others do…you can have some use from it with no cloud subscription and no SD card if you wanted. The others don’t even have that option.

Thank you Wyze for giving all of us something for free that others don’t offer, and still allowing us to get the options all the others have too (full recording on an SD card, or full motion recorded to the cloud). I don’t understand at all how this free cloud stuff with a cooldown is a negative in this situation…you would’ve been alerted and could’ve still had it all recorded.


This looks staged to me.


Are you a vampire because it looks like he wants to stake you. :vampire:

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