Continuous Streaming on Battery Cam Pro

When will the Battery Cam’s have the ability to live stream to the desktop version?

We just got 4 Battery Cam Pro’s to use in our small animal clinic to help the surgery staff monitor extubated and awake recovering surgical patients more closely when they have to leave the room. The continuous streaming is not supported on the desktop application. WE WANT IT! :smiley:

We haven’t had a chance yet to try them out officially yet, but the phone/tablet version seems to be working fine.

Don’t use a battery powered camera. Continuous streaming will kill the battery very quickly.

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As @K6CCC indicated, you may not want to continuous stream the Battery Cameras as they will drain faster. However, the new My Wyze Portal ( will stream the new Battery Cam Pro’s.

Note: You still need Cam Plus to take advantage of the Web Streaming.

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