Constant recording, even though "Detects Motion" is only enabled

Hello, I am new to the Wyze Cam and App. I have just set up my Wyze Cam V3 to recored on the SD card only when detecting motion, and it is constantly recording any way. Is this possibly a firmware bug? FW= Or, am I possibly doing something wrong?

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You likely mis-read the crappy Wyze color scheme. On the Advanced Setting page where you can select Continuous or Events only, it is rather ambiguous which one is selected. If you are set to Continuous, the box for Continuous should be white background and the box for Events Only should have a light gray background. Similarly, if you are set to Events Only, the box for Continuous should have the light gray background, and the box for Events only should have the white background.

Where are you seeing these events? In “playback” or in the event tab?

“Playback” is your SD card footage, and the event tab is your cloud storage. They have different settings locations.

Can you provide screen shots of where your seeing your issues?

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So event recording only applies if I have subscribed to Cam Plus and I am recording to the cloud? I am only using an SD card and it is already over a third full (32Gb card) and I installed it 36 hrs ago. Just testing the cam in my office, so very few motion detected events.

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I uploaded a screenshot of the setting. To me, this is set to motion detection = on. Sound detection = off

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Event recording is cloud recording. With wyze, SD and cloud recording can have seperate triggers. You want to go into advanced settings, then near the top of the screen it has a button that toggles between events only and continuous. you probably have it set to continuous.


The screenshot you provided is specifically for Cloud Upload Motion Events that will populate to the Events Tab in your app. If you do not want the Cloud Uploaded Event Videos, turn off Detects Motion in the Event Recording screen.

As @speadie posted, the microSD Recording Settings are in the Advanced Settings menu at the top. These operate independently and seperately from the Cloud Upload Event Video Recordings.


That was it! Thanks!