Constant package detection notices every 3-4 min ALL day

How do I get rid of NONSTOP package detection notices? I get a package delivered at 9:30 am and get NonStop notices every few minutes ALL DAY LONG until I get home at 6pm. I would like delivery notification and even a reminder every couple hours but 100’s of them is ridiculous. A

s a temp fix I have to go in to settings and turn off package, but that obviously is not the way it should work ( and I forget to turn it back on) - it should not be caused by other motion because I have the detection area very small as you can see in the screen shots

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Fred, unfortunately this is a non-fixable feature that is inherent to the motion detection and AI features. (and the DZ in your other post).

If ANY motion is detected in the non functioning DZ, the AI will interrogate and return ANY object tagged. The AI has no memory whatsoever. Every motion event is a new object.

There is a Wishlist request to change this feature. Go there, cast your vote, and then post at the bottom.

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ughh another “that really sucks”
I get the no memory thing, but that wouldnt be an issue if the detection zone worked…

Thanks for all your assistance with these questions


They are working on updates to this effort. I read where they are working on the ability to only focus on the detected Zone for AI processing.

Just an FYI

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I believe that was just recently successfully introduced to the V2, Pan, and V3. Since the VDBv1 hasn’t had a working update that wasn’t halted since .313 on 12\20\21, it isn’t yet available for the V1 doorbell.

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True, but it is a good thing that they are working on some new and updated functions.

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A very good thing indeed! I was very :hushed: surprised when my V3’s started doing this after the update. I thought something was wrong with the update since it wasn’t a published firmware update feature. Then I saw the AMA notes and the light :bulb: bulb lit up!

Very excited. :clap: Quite possibly the greatest improvement in the AI Force over the last year! I’m not sure I will know how to act when the next V3 update comes out with AI specific notification toggles. :flushed:

I totally agree with that. Running all the Beta FW and Apps, I seem to be seeing marked improvements. My Notifications is off the hook now. I am finally at the point where I may turn some off - go figure.

Before I was notified sporadically, now I am being notified by all my cameras as someone approaches the house and gets to my front door. :slight_smile:

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That is really good to hear! My three top MOE (Measures of Effectiveness) for my cams, in order of priority, are:

  1. Operational Stability
  2. Accuracy
  3. Speed (notification & stream)

Ever since I switched my router to the ASUS ZenWiFi Mesh model, Mine have been spot on with all of your MOEs. Plus I am now getting notified in less than 7 seconds. Most of the time it is within 3 seconds. I now have enough time to get an alert, look at the Window, and see someone there. I cam also see when the FedEx guy comes and can see him either getting out of the truck or walking up my driveway. :slight_smile:


Would like some detail so I can assist others:

A recent update made it so the ai only sees stuff inside the dz, but what devices is that update for, and is it beta or prod?

The thing with seeing everything even if it’s not motion is not been released anywhere yet though.

V2, V3, Pan PR Firmware.

I have learned from @carverofchoice that it isn’t a strict “inside the DZ only” restriction though. It is more complicated than that which allows for overlap. I linked his explanation.

Not sure what you are referencing. The “any object” trainable AI?

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Thanks for the details!

Sorry, wasn’t clear on that one. Meaning like the parked vehicles being flagged, even if they aren’t moving. Last I heard they are still working on it so the ai can tell the diffrence between moving objects and stationary. Is this still the status.

Last update I saw was that Moving Object Only Detection was still in progress but had no forecasted test date because of the complexity of the changes needed and the integration of that feature into the new AI model. Last updates:


Update Details


Update Details


Update Details
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Had fedex delivered about an hour ago. Package is sitting in shade with no trees moving over or around it and no movement within 25 feet of package but about every 15 seconds it is alerting to package. So the only way to stop this constant alert is to shut off package detection or stop notifications completely or do I have to drill down selection area to just that area where package is sitting?

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Not sure what cam you are using for this. Since you posted into a thread tagged Video Doorbell, I will assume it is the VDBv1.

There are several wishlist requests asking to change this. Also, several other cams have individual AI notification toggles which will also be released in the V3 soon.

Regardless… Since the package isn’t moving, there IS something else within the frame that IS causing it to trigger a Motion Event. Finding that trigger is a matter of close video inspection for lighting, not just movement.

Since most Wyze cams don’t use PIR (except WCO), they rely on Light Pixellation Algorythims to compare the light brightness changes between adjacent pixels. The greater the variance and the greater the number of pixels changing, the greater the chance it surpasses the sensitivity threshold.

Sunbeams, leaves reflecting sunlight, reflections off windows and cars, the sun popping out from behind the clouds, all can trigger a motion event…not to mention the bugs, birds, and spiders. The effect is increased on breezy day or sunny day with intermittent clouds.

If there is any area within the Included Detection Zone that shows this light change, the Motion Event fires off. Then, if there is any object within the Included DZ that resembles the AI you have set, it returns the AI Event tag. This is why it keeps tagging your delivery. My doormats caused the same effect.

A couple things you can do to reduce the effect after you review your event videos:

  • Reduce your Detection Sensitivity (requires greater light changes to induce a trigger)

  • Widen the Excluded Detection Zone to block out the areas that reveal the motion or the lighting changes. It helps to have Motion Tagging on to identify these IF your cam supports it (some, like the VDBv1, don’t).

  • If you have this issue only when the package is there, you can exclude the package with a DZ change until you retrieve it, then sent the DZ back. That way you still have detection and notifications on for other events in the Included DZ.

A disclaimer though… The VDBv1 detection zone has been previously reported by some users as not working properly since a previous Firmware update some time ago. It all depends on the Firmware version you have. I highly recommend NOT updating your firmware if you have the VDBv1 and it is operating!

Here are some of the Wishlist items you can vote on and post your comments:

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Dang. Sorry. I was doing two things at once and never noticed I was in the doorbell section.

I am using V3 cam with 128gig memory card with cam plus and latest updates.

The only way I could get it to stop was I narrowed the detection zone to just the box. I had tried powering down and even reinstalling that camera.

Thanks for the reply

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No worries. Better it’s the V3 and not the VDB!

The cam is doing what it is designed to do, so restarting wouldn’t help. You did the quickest fix by placing the package in the Excluded DZ. The sensitivity may be a bit too high as well.

Beyond that, studying the videos to see where the motion trigger was coming from each time is the key. The V3 does have motion tagging, so that will help. If there is one specific area that constantly triggers motion activation, excluding that or repositioning the cam to exclude it will go a long way to cut back on activations.

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