Connectivity issues (bulbs, sensors) with Netgear Orbi RBK50

I have just installed a new mesh router with 1 satellite (Netgear Orbi RBK50) to replace my ISP’s wifi that had reached its limit in term of wifi devices it could handle.
I used the same SSID/password to simplify the migration process.
All of my wifi devices (30+) were able to connect to the new router automatically including my Wyze cams.
Nevertheless my Wyze bulbs and sensors (that had always been a bit flaky) lost their connection along the path.
2 bulbs and 2 motion sensors were actually linked to a TP-Link extender in the garage, which I have since unplugged to try use the Orbi only and narrow down the issue (I have one cam + bridge down there)
I took one of those bulbs upstairs closer the router and closer to another Wyze cam + bridge but have not been able reconnect it even after trying all the usual reset, disable of data, etc… from my usual smartphone.
I also unplugged/replugged that bridge to start fresh. It seemed to help reconnect 1 motion sensor but the bulb installation never completes after I select its wifi name…
The motion sensor of my front door and in my kitchen are also unable to reconnect even after a full reset.
It’s very disappointing to notice that, once again, the Wyze products (apart from the cams) are the ones causing some much connection trouble/frustration
I read other threads here : would it be because Orbi handles both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz under the same SSID ? (with no way to choose either one at installation of device that can only handle 2.4Ghz)

This could be the issue. If possible, you should try to separate the 2.4Ghz from the 5Ghz network.

Actually, separating the 2 networks on Orbi is not officially supported (there are tutorials about it though but not user-friendly at all)
I temporarily reactivated my ISP’s wifi on top of the Orbi’s and gained access to my former 2.4Ghz SSID which allowed me to pair my bulbs.
The solution was easy after all, just didn’t think of it at first :wink:

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I used to have an Orbi mesh system installed (rbk20 I believe) and always had issues with it dropping the connection to my smart devices.

I found the main issue with the Orbi system is that the main router and the satellites would “fight” to connect to my devices, in particular my LIFX bulbs, if they were positioned too close together causing the connection to intermittently fail as my bulbs bounced between the satellite and the main router even though the satellite was in the same room as my bulbs and the router a floor below.

The Netgear Orbi system doesn’t offer close to the amount of granular control needed to properly run smart devices. Sure it works most of the time, but if something goes wrong or the satellite and router are interfering with each other, it’s pretty hard to troubleshoot aside from repositioning the satellite further from the router which may result in slower speeds or coverage gaps.

In my opinion, any access point, mesh or not, should allow you to at a minimum setup a separate SSID, control transmission power level, and set discrete WiFi channels for 2.4 and 5g.

One workaround that worked for me to stop my bulbs from bouncing between the satellite and router, was reducing the transmission power down to 75%. This of course can create dead spots which defeats the purpose of the Orbi mesh system.

I currently running a Orbit mesh system …over 40+ devices no problems.
I’d try and move the router farther away from your modem if you haven’t all readly…

I also have a few LIFX and Yeelight bulbs.
They’ve been working fine so far like the rest of my wifi devices since I switched to the Orbi.
Only the Wyze bulbs/sensors have connectivity issues although I was able to reconnect the bulbs thanks to the trick above.