Connectivity concern in Taiwan?

Taiwan uses the same 110 voltage and power outlet as the US. Has Wyze camera been tested in Taiwan? If it’s workable, is the connectivity speed - streaming and playback slower? If it works out, there would be a ton of colleagues from the corporate who would want this here and there.

Sorry @bill.admin Wyze cams are only supported in the US and Canada due to the servers used for data storage.

While the cameras do not have official support overseas, they will probably work fine. The only thing known not to work overseas is Alexa connectivity.

Thank you for the info! I just wanted to make sure that works. I don’t mind buying a few and send them to TW for the buddies. If it works out, the sale would have a micro explosion.

Is this confirmed that it will not work in Taiwan?
I’d like to get a couple for my parents