Connecting to a network

can these cameras be connected to the network using cat5 cable? or connected without using the wifi? i had 8 wifi cameras not wyze cams and they all are hard wired and i would like to get wyze cams but not if i can’t hardwire them. thanks

2.4 GHz WiFi only.
Note the absence of an RJ-45 jack on the specs page. There’s a microUSB for power, and a Type-A USB jack with which to daisy-chain power to a second camera.

ok thanks tons for that answer. i did wee they have no rj port but did not know if the micro port might be sued… so being they can’t be connected to a rj system i will avoid them like the plague. i have a bunch of wifi cameras and they dropped so much i turned of wifi and connected them to a network via the rj port. now they are rock solid. will not go back. if these ever do become useable with the rj port i may think again about them. again thanks.

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