CMC trial started! Cool, but, none of my cams are supported

I think you guys need to check if cams are capable of CMC BEFORE people seeing if they can turn it on.

In my case, I have a V1 and RTSP cams, and was just curious what would happen, and… the trial has started, but, it is useless, since I can’t add the cams.

Is there anyway to “reset” the trial at some point in the future if/when I get other cams, or am I forced to try a new e-mail address to get a new trial?

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I’m pretty sure it stated that V1 cams were not supported due to hardware restrictions. That being said I would imagine if you opened a support ticket explaining the situation, they could reset the free trial.

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I’m just saying it shouldn’t even offer the service if nothing you have supports it.

In other words, it starts the trial even before letting you know if any device you have supports it.