Cam was unresponsive and after reset it’s now CMC

For some time yday 4 of my 11 cams were unresponsive. Eventually I had to hit the reset button on one. Once I got it back up it said it was automatically enrolled into 14 day trial of CMC.
Question: how do I maintain the PD (I’ve been a member and had the cams for a while) or is it now only CMC? I didn’t ask for CMC and am waiting for the PD experiment of donating per cam.

@WyzeGwendolyn any chance you could advise?

Hello! Was it CMC or Cam Plus? If it was Cam Plus, it should still have person detection. The person detection pilot is still available. If you remove the Cam Plus trial from the Services section of the app, you should be able to add the person detection pilot back.