Cloudy Sky’s are unreal

I’ve a WOC mounted on a Shepard’s hook facing down at a birdbath.

The quality of the video of the water in the birdbath is unacceptable, and I’ve been told by someone here in the forums that “Perhaps the Wyze isn’t the best camera for your needs”. (Wow… is Wyze WOCs that lacking?)

So, tonight, while reviewing video of the birdbath, I see what appears to be the equivilant of a bad hollywood video splice or whatever it’s called, when Looking at the clouds above in this video…. (I’ll say it again, are Wyze WOC’s that lacking when it comes to sky, clouds and water?)

I’m not looking for perfection, and don’t expect it from a camera at this price level. Actually, i’m pretty impressed with some of the things I’ve captured with the WOCs and V3.

But, to see it do this to water and sky/clouds like this leads me to believe some sort of improvement is needed?

Is there something I can adjust to make the water and sky/clouds a little more realistic ?


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The Sky is falling, the Sky is falling!

Ok, maybe not that bad, but the cloudy sky in this capture is a bit odd, or is this normal?

Do I have a bad camera?

I lived in the Puget sound for 8 years…. and with Wyze being in Kirkland, WA, there are plenty of clouds to test against cloudy sky’s…. Does everyone else get this type of behavior on WOC’s pointed at clouds, Sky, or Water (in my birdbath)?


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Send the clouds and rain to me in the S.F. Bay area, NOT YOUR CURRENT HEAT WAVE, Already had that @ 108*

108 would be brutal in the puget sound, where most homes don’t have A/C.

I live in San Diego County now, 7 miles from the ocean… humidity is a bit much sometimes, but temperatures here, are very comfortable.

I still am wondering why the sky looks like someone spliced the sky into this video capture.