Close-up of Hummingbird at the Feeder with defective V3

This cam only focuses close up, so I use it for the hummers, (and bird feeding table until I got the V4).


I have 20 Hummingbirds. I got them at the Post Office today. :grin: :grin: The Stamps are labeled as “Garden Delights”


Very nice. Great shots haha. I have a lot of stills from the past that I should have prints made of. I love hummers.

Not the price of Stamps. Currently $.68 each, soon to increase to $.73 each. I do not like Auto Pay, or giving every company my bank account # for Auto withdrawal.
If I fall over dead on the golf course my wife would never figure out how to pay the recurring bills or where the money is going. :laughing:

And this is another reason: I have AT&T DirecTV and house phone.

Wow, I remember when they used to be 5c. I know what you mean about paying the bills. I have all my info saved on paper for my daughter in case anything should haopen to me.