Chimpanzee sleep

Hey Wyze community,

I follow the Wyze newsletters and often enjoy watching the ‘captured on Wyze’ clips, so thought I would share my story here.

For part of my PhD project, I used the Wyze Cam (V2) to record the nocturnal activity (mainly sleep) of captive, sanctuary-living chimpanzees. Finally the article is out (here), so… thank you to Wyze for such easy-to-use, low cost cameras which allowed me to do it :-). If only the V3 would have been out two years earlier :wink:

Attached is a photo of chimpanzee George checking out the new camera installed in his night room :face_with_monocle: :blush:
I wanted to attach another photo, but it seems there’s a one photo limit! :sweat_smile:


Here’s the second one - Gorou asleep in his night room :zzz: :sleeping:


First, congratulations on your study publication! And also, welcome to the Wyze community, Perhaps you could post a couple of the more “active” sleeping videos. :slightly_smiling_face: