Chime for sale

Want to purchase extra chimes for the video doorbells

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Welcome to the Wyze community @fcizauskas!
According to Wyze you can connect multiple chimes to the doorbell and additional chimes will be available for purchase later, a date hasn’t been announced for this yet.
You can also use Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to announce when the doorbell is pressed.

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How do I connect to google to announce that?

ive been trying to do this also

They need to hurry up LOL I need 2 more too lol. :rofl::joy:

I almost want to try and make one and program it myself, too bad it won’t work. You know my skill set


I’m not sure on Google because I don’t use it.
Any Google Home users who know?

I have Google Nest Mini, this is one of many questions that needs to be answered before I buy the product from you. How do I set a connection from the Google Nest Mini to the doorbell, so that a doorbell press will be announced on the Google Nest Mini, which is my Google Assistant. I really did look all over your site, at YouTube and etc to find the answer there is no good documentation.

Welcome to the Wyze community @jgirard138!
I am a volunteer, not a Wyze employee so I am not in control of what is on the product page. I’m also not a Google Home user so I’m not sure on how to set this up. Maybe the other @Mavens will be able to help with this one.