Chat Transcript Regarding Home Monitoring

I am just going to post this chat transcript (which took nearly 1.5 hours) without comment.

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That was good. :slight_smile:
My favorite part:

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Just asking the community, was I somehow unclear on what I’m asking? Just wanna simply know if I can arm and disarm the system with etc wyze app, whether I’m sitting in my living room or miles away at my office, or on the other side of the country.

Perfectly, comically clear. He just didn’t know and was clicking boilerplate in a desperate attempt to close the ticket.

I am sure the app will include the feature (how could it not) but he sure didn’t help you.

That didn’t go well. Perhaps a hardware tester in this forum can give you a better answer? @WyzeJasonJ might be able to help.


I thought I was being pranked…

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Hello @lawvegas, I sent the chat transcript to Wyze so they can look at it, I am also pretty sure you can arm and disarm from the app but I am going to get a confirmation before I swear on it.

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Thanks. Also to be clear I have no animosity toward Jeff, I think he was doing the best he could. We just weren’t understanding each other.


Nor do I, but it can be a teaching moment.

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I’ll send this over to the team for QA. Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can arm and disarm the system through the app as well as the Keypad.


Ok thanks so much!

Ditto on the perfectly clear. Anyone from USA would not have had a problem trying to understand exactly what you were saying. YOU ARE THE MOST PATIENT MAN ON THE PLANET. I would have lost it.

Sounds much like a person working overseas who has no functioning idea of how a home alert system should work. Following a script but is clueless. That’s not the kind of support I would want from a vendor and you cemented my concern that Wyze is not truly ready to be an alarm system provider. I’ll definitely stay with my Ring security system.

Next time just hang up and call back then you should get something that’s more knowledgeable I’ve had to do that

Post Script: (the much anticipated email response)

(And, again, to be clear, not slamming Wyze, love their products, and look forward to the home monitoring. This is just funny.)

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Jeff, my man!

Holy crap he still didn’t answer the question!

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