Wyze watch 47mm and home monitoring

Does anyone know how to arm or disarm your home monitoring system with the 47mm watch it is on the website to be able to do. I cannot find anything on the app though to do this?

I’ve been searching for this same answer, now 7 months after this original post. No replies??? I’ve been trying to get to Wyze support, but as usual, it is nearly impossible to find a way to just chat with them. It’s here - somewhere - because I’ve chatted before. Feeling pretty frustrated right now, and even more so after finding this thread with no answers (or even responses!)

You can’t do it. Maybe people thought there was a way, and hesitated. You can’t do it. You can only control the watch and shortcuts. There is no shortcut for arming or disarming your home monitoring system from the 47 or any other watch or band at this moment.