Chasing Amy - fail

I had just crossed the street and saw this couple with a dog walking in the direction that would put them past the front of my house, and actually saw the girl go down from across the street, which made me laugh and then think of my cat, and that I hoped she didn’t get too scared.


That guy yanked that dog super hard though, I kinda feel bad for the dog, too.


I hope that dog chews his face off. I hate animal abusers.

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I agree that guy didn’t react properly and shouldn’t have pulled that hard on the dog.
Really, people that won’t put in the time to train their dog should not be allowed to own one.

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Someone should put that collar and leash on that guy and give it a good yank or 10. What an ***hole. :frowning_face:

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The girl shouldn’t have been walking the dog. If she can’t control the dog she shouldn’t be walking it.