Cat litter self cleaner

How about wyze comes out with self cleaning &self disposable cat litter box that are expensive in the present market and that should be useful for wyze product lover with pets.

Pets need wyze too​:wink::upside_down_face: .

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Good evening Wyze community. I have been searching for a self cleaning cat litter box and having a nightmare not only do most the products out there have bad reviews they are crazy expensive! Well this is where I thought of you guys not only are your products awesome you guys have the best prices on everything.
So could you please think about the idea of making the greatest self cleaning cat litter box ever!!!




If it was battery powered and/or rechareable we’d love something like this. We have two cats and one is very picky about the cleanliness of his litter. We’d already have on if not for the fact that where we can place our litter boxes we don’t have any outlets!

Please please please, make a self cleaning litter box. It’s one of those items I want more than anything, but can’t justify the current prices that are out there (not to mention they are an eye sore). It’s absurd. I will even be your guinea pig/test subject :wink:




We need this from Wyze!! Please make something to rival the Litter Robots that cost a crazy amount ($500)